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Here are few tips to help make Go-Home Day go smoothly

The day you pick up your new family member is a day of joy and excitement, and a memory that you will cherish forever.

We compiled some lists of items that might come in handy when bringing your puppy home.

If traveling by car:

  • Water and bowl

  • Harness/collar with ID tag and leash

  • Small basket or dog bed for the puppy to sleep in

  • Blanket or towel to protect your car interior

  • Paper towels, cleaning spray, and trash bags (in case of accidents)

If traveling by plane:

  • Airline approved pet carrier

  • Puppy pads for carrier

  • Health records (included in Go-Home Day packet)

  • Harness/collar with ID tag and leash

  • Travel bowl

  • Paper towels/wipes/baggies (in case of accidents)

No matter how you bring your new family member home, remember to avoid places where lots of dogs have been (rest stops, parks, doggie potty areas at airports, etc). Your puppy is very susceptible to diseases at this age.

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If you cannot pick up your puppy in person, we can help!

A FLIGHT NANNY will fly with your puppy from San Antonio to an airport near you. This option is best for long distance travel, as long as your puppy is under 15 lbs. We can recommend several flight nanny services for you to choose from. The cost is typically around $500-900, depending on the season and destination.

GROUND TRANSPORT is a great option for destinations within Texas or if your puppy is too big to fly. For dependable ground transport, we highly recommend Delifurry Pet Transportation. They provide exceptional service with your puppy's safety and well-being in mind.

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