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So, you have decided that you want a Cherry Blossom Bernedoodle to join your family...


With only a few dogs living with us, we have a very limited number of litters each year. For this reason, our waitlist is only open until a certain number of families have been added. Once we reach that number, the waitlist is closed again, because we wouldn't want families to have to wait 12 or more months to get a puppy. 

To get on the waitlist for a puppy, be sure to read our Health Guarantee & Contract and then complete our Puppy Application if you haven't already (see link at bottom of this page).

We will try our best to respond to your application within 1-2 days, and will then schedule a phone interview with you. After the phone interview, a $500 reservation fee is required to secure your place on the waitlist. The reservation fee is accepted via Zelle, or credit/debit card through Square. The order of the waitlist is based on the order the reservation fees are received. We reserve the right to keep or place the first two picks of each litter as we see fit.

The reservation fee is non-refundable, but transferable to a future litter, and goes toward the total purchase price of your puppy. The remaining balance is due in cash on Selection Day when puppies are about 6 weeks old and you select your puppy.

  • Once on the waitlist, you will get access to our private Facebook group made just for our waitlist families! Here you will be able to follow the puppies along as they grow. We post lots of pictures and videos for waitlist families to see.


We host Selection Day when puppies are about 6 weeks old. That's the earliest age for personalities to start to surface and coat textures to become distinguishable. We feel that in order to honor our puppies and their individual needs, we want you to be able to consider all aspects of your future family member, not just their color and gender.

You are welcome to come select your puppy in person on Selection Day during a private appointment. If you are not able to come in person, we also offer FaceTime (or alternate video chat) appointments. Appointments are scheduled in order of the waitlist and are spread out over the course of several days. The remaining balance is due once you choose a puppy on Selection Day, and we will also require you to sign our Health Guarantee & Contract. You will receive an info packet along with the microchip registration info, and we will set your desired pick up date and time, so you have plenty of time to prepare for your puppy's arrival.

If you don't connect with a puppy on selection day, you still have the option to pass and wait for the next litter. You will keep your spot on the waitlist for the first three passes. If you pass on the fourth litter, you will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist and we will contact you once it is your turn to pick again.


The most exciting day will be when you get to pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old. Your Go-Home Day was already scheduled right after you chose your puppy, which lets you make the proper arrangements for pick up.

On this special day you get to truly take the experience all in, since payment and contract paperwork have already been handled. After going over any questions you might have, receiving your Puppy Goodie Bag, and taking lots of pictures, you'll be on your way home with your new furry family member.

If you are not able to pick up your puppy in person, we can discuss alternate options, like meeting you at a nearby airport (SAT or AUS), hiring a ground transporter, or selecting a flight nanny, who will fly with the puppy in cabin to an airport near you.

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