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We have a wonderful opportunity to become a Guardian to one of our puppies/adult dogs now or within the next 12 months.
We are currently accepting Guardian Home applications for:
- Mini Bernedoodle Male (puppy)
- Medium Bernedoodle Female (puppy)
- Mini Bernedoodle Female (puppy)
- Medium Bernedoodle Female (adult)



Big kennel buildings that house dozens of dogs are not for us. We want our dogs to live life in the middle of daily interactions, with lots of cuddles, playtime, walks and outings. We want them to be part of the family! To ensure we are able to give all of our dogs the best possible home life, while being able to commit a lot of time and effort to raising puppies, we like to limit the number of dogs we have living in our home. We are now offering a Guardian Program where qualified families will receive a beautiful health tested puppy or adult dog at no cost, while we retain ownership & breeding rights until retirement.

Guardian families are expected to properly care for their new puppy/dog physically and financially. The Guardian Family is responsible for food & supplements (approved by us), all toys & supplies, routine grooming, and any additional non-breeding related medical costs, as well as monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative as needed. We will cover all costs associated with breeding and will care for all litters produced by the Guardian Dog. 


Dogs may be available to Guardian Families at any age from 8 weeks to 3 years old.

  • FEMALES: Once the dog is of age, has passed all of her health testing, and is ready to be bred (typically on her second heat cycle), we will have her over for a few days during the breeding process. After she has been bred, she will return to her guardian family who will care for her during her pregnancy. She will then come back to us a week before her due date to whelp her litter and stay with us until the puppies have been weaned. Once old enough, female dogs will spend at least 6-8 weeks per year in our care to whelp, raise, and wean their puppies. Guardians must be able to detect a heat cycle (while notifying us on the first day any signs of each cycle is seen) and keep females away from intact male dogs during this time. Females will retire after having 3-5 litters. Once retired, the female will be spayed (courtesy of us) and continue to live the remainder of her life with her guardian family.

  • MALES: Once the dog is of age, has passed all of his health testing, and is ready to breed (when optimal sexually maturity has been reached), our male dogs will spend a few days with us at a time when needed during breeding. Males will typically sire around 3-6 litters per year. Guardians must be able to keep male dogs away from intact female dogs in heat. Males will retire at around the age of 5-7. Once retired, the male will be neutered (courtesy of us) and continue to live the remainder of his life with his guardian family. 



  • You must have prior experience with owning and caring for a dog.

  • You must live within one hour of zip code 78070 and be willing to pick up/drop off when needed in Spring Branch, TX.

  • You must own your home with a fenced in yard and no plans of moving out of the area for the next 5 years.

  • Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks is required to maintain a healthy coat.

  • We require all guardian dogs to use one of our approved vet clinics for all vet care.

  • We ask that you allow us to make arrangements to pick up the puppy/dog throughout various stages in life to get photos taken to display on our website/social media channels and take them to breeding related vet appointments.

If you would like to be considered for one of our Guardian Dogs, please complete the application below.

Guardian Home Program: Available Pets
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