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Our waitlist is currently CLOSED!

We may have puppies available after our waitlist families make their selections. Please complete our application, if you would like to be contacted when we have availability.

Find all the details about our upcoming litters right here.

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Raising healthy and even-tempered Mini, Medium, and Standard Bernedoodles

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We are a family of five who has fallen in love with the gentle and laid-back nature of the Bernedoodle. My husband and I have more than thirty years of combined experience in raising puppies, agility and obedience training, as well as therapy dog work. We simply cannot imagine life without dogs and the easy-going, goofy temperament of the Bernedoodle is a perfect fit for our family.
We hope that you find lots of useful information on our pages and we look forward to helping you find your next furry family addition.

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How We Do Things

Our dogs are family pets, first and foremost, and they are by our side day and night. Whether they are taking a nap under my desk while I work, playing tag with the kids, or coming along to run errands - our dogs are part of the pack! And that's exactly how your puppy is raised - in the middle of day to day family life. 

When raising puppies, from the minute they are born until they start their forever life with their new family, health and temperament are at the forefront of everything we do. Through thorough health testing of our parent dogs and extensive socialization of the puppies we produce, we can ensure that our puppies have the best possible start in life. We take special care to support their physical and psychological development by following the Badass Breeder curriculum, which gives our puppies an ideal foundation to become well rounded and even tempered family members. Our goal is that our puppies learn to believe in their own ability to mature into confident dogs that know how to handle stressful situations. We want our puppies to bring joy to the elderly and sick as certified therapy dogs, excel in service dog work, and be your best friend when you need an open ear and a comforting hug after a bad day. 

If you think that one of our puppies will make an ideal addition to your family, please complete our Puppy Application.

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Follow along as our "Bread" litter grows from birth to 8 weeks old.

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See what people say about us

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"We cannot say enough good things about Stefanie! The care, communication, attention, and love she provided to each puppy before they made their way to their forever homes was second to none. Our healthy happy pup is so intelligent and sweet, and we owe the majority of that to the first 8 weeks under Stefanie’s care. We honestly couldn’t recommend her enough, and will be the only breeder we buy from should we add another to our family."

Amanda & John V. from Lantana, TX

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